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Three Month Training Programme in Industrial Health


The significance of the training program on industrial health for doctors lies in its capacity to enhance their expertise and knowledge, equipping them with the necessary skills to address and manage health challenges specific to industrial environments. A three-month duration training program in Industrial Health will enable Indian registered medical doctors of modern medicine to become competent occupational health physicians in various industrial establishments. Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will be granted the title of Associate Fellow in Industrial Health, accompanied by a certificate. The program is a three-month, full-time, regular, offline training program consisting of lecture series, laboratory work, practical exercises, demonstrations, tutorials, educational/industry visits, specialty clinical exposure, and project work. Practical, tutorial, and demonstration activities are integral components of the day-to-day course curriculum, involving multiple disciplines such as Industrial Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Staff Training and Productivity, Human Physiology, Industrial Psychology, etc. Industrial Medicine and Industrial Hygiene laboratories, as well as practical field visits to industries and their occupational health centers to understand the existing occupational health system, are also basic and essential components of the course curriculum.

The objectives of the course are to enable doctors:

The course was introduced in 1992 at the Central Labour Institute, Mumbai. The underlying concept of competency—i.e., the habitual and consistent use of knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, communication, emotions, values, and reflection in daily practice for the benefit of the individual (workers) and the community (industry) being served. A competency-based course curriculum ensures that training participants consistently demonstrate the desired behavior throughout their professional careers rather than only during the final examination. The new competency-based course curriculum of the AFIH course has been designed to meet the requirements of industries at the national and international levels with an emphasis on sustainable development.


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